Saddle Care

Buying a horse can be an exciting idea. Horses are wonderful animals and provide great pleasure and entertainment. The care of a horse, and associated equipment shows the value you affix to your horse and yourself as well. Proper horse saddle care is not only a sign of pride but also self-respect. Saddles are usually made of leather and are designed to last for long. As it’s common with any leather product, horse saddles need regular care and maintenance, so as to preserve their original value. If saddles are not given the required attention, they will rot and deteriorate rapidly. In addition unkempt saddles portray a bad picture of yourself. Basic saddle care involves thorough cleaning of the saddle with warm water, oiling and protection against extreme conditions of temperature and moisture.

Cleaning your saddle on regular basis is an important routine in saddle care and maintenance.You can opt to clean your saddle on weekly or monthly basis.This will be determined by the frequency with which you use your saddle. Cleaning on monthly basis is recommended as it helps to keep maintenance minimal and prevent the hefty workload of undoing long term neglect.Before you start cleaning your saddle, you need to dismantle the saddle first. Detach the metal parts and soak those that are safe to soak in water.Clean the leather parts using a brush and soapy water.Your cleaning should be thorough and detailed. Pay much attention to the hard to clean areas such as the nooks and crannies, where molds and dust are likely to accumulate. All the straps,
harnesses and metal pieces that are attached to the saddle core should be cleaned.

Once you are done with the cleaning, you need to apply a leather protector to the leather of the saddle and oil all of its metallic parts that have been allowed to dry well. The oil is spread properly over the entire saddle without allowing it to dry in drips. After oiling your saddle and properly drying off the other parts, you can reassemble your saddle. Make sure that no part is left out when you are reassembling your saddle.

Apart from the cleaning, you need to check on other aspects of your saddle care.Moisture and high temperature have adverse effects on your saddle. As such, you need to ensure that your saddle remains protected against these parameters.Moisture is known to cause molds while high temperatures in the surrounding leads to cracking of the saddle.Oiling your saddle frequently will protect it against high humidity whereas regular conditioning of your leather will prevent drying.

When you are not using your saddle and you think its time to store it, avoid storing it in non-porous coverings such as polythene bags.Materials containing turpentine, alcohol or mineral spirits should also be avoided, owing to the damage they are likely to cause on the leather making your saddle. Also, you should avoid storing your saddle in a place where it’s likely to come into contact with waxes and silicone.These two impair the ability of the leather breathe hence the need to shun them.

Saddle care and maintenance has both aesthetic and functional purposes.So take care of your horse saddle to remain neat and enjoy while on top of your horse.

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