Breeds of Horses


Horses have existed to serve humans since times immemorial, whether it was for load carrying, transportation,sports and leisure. Originally, they were used for transportation, but later on, a breed of horses called Walers was produced using selective breeding. They offered a combination of speed and strength.

Today, there are various breeds of horses available in the world, and each is used for a different purpose including, leisure horseback riding, endurance riding, trail riding, work, jumping, dressage, and other purposes.

Arabian – These horses are genetically pure. They are the pretty basis of all light breeds. They are recognized for their intelligence, affectionate and gentle disposition and stamina. They are trustworthy and have pleasant nature that is why they are a well-known pick for therapeutic riding, show ring, dressage, path rides, cutting, reigning and jumping.
American Quarter Horse – This horse was initially bred in the 17th century. The breed may perfectly be the oldest of all the horse breeds. These horses usually worked in farms whereby they had been taught to haul lumber and other products, spherical up cattle, utilized to pull carriages and a lot more. This breed is also recognized for its burst of speed in small distance or quarter mile.

American Paint Horse – They are descendants of horses brought over by the Spanish conquistadors. American Paint Horse are friendly, intelligent and hardworking. It is a fitting horse for the ranch, trail riding, rodeo, and shows and as mounts for little ones.

Miniature Horse – Miniature horses are mild, intelligent and curious. They are most effective kept as home pets.

Thoroughbred – Thoroughbreds is believed to have descended from the line of a few Arabians imported to England in the 17th and early 18th century. These horses are quick and are the ideal choice for racing and equestrian sports activities that contact for speed.
Suffolk horses are enormous, and they’re symmetrical with their colors. The legs are strong and short, and they have excellent feet that can be shod or unshod. Their heads appear intelligent, with strong, arching necks. They stand about 16.1 hands, but some are larger. They have a great disposition and natural temperament. Suffolk’s are willing to work and have great endurance.
Morgan – The Morgan was named soon after its owner, Justin Morgan. The breed is almost certainly a blend of a Thoroughbred and a Welsh cob. All Morgans can be traced to the a few sons sired by Justin Morgan. The breed is a racing and functioning horse.

Tennessee Walking Horse- This horse is a cross breed of Saddle reds, Morgan’s, Thoroughbreds, Narragansett Pacer and Regular reds. What tends to make this horse exceptional is its inability to trot but to do a gait described as a running stroll.

Welsh Pony and Cob -This is a horse breed that usually comes with cobs and ponies. This breed’s distinctive characteristics are its even temperament, stamina, and flowing gait.

Andalusian – This breed is also identified as Pure Spanish horse. It is a war horse and an lot coveted horse by the nobility. It’s sturdy factors are its compact and stable created its regal and stylish bearing and its thick mane and tail. This breed of horses is passive however really sensitive and intelligent.

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